Challenge Legal Helpline

Tel: 01 – 8395942

In the provision of healthcare, you will encounter unexpected issues which don’t always arise during normal business hours and may require a rapid turnaround or even an emergency response. As a Policy Holder with Challenge you have a 24-hour dedicated phone and e-mail helpline service which is provided by our experienced in-house Medico-Legal team. Consultants should be aware that the helpline is not merely there to assist with medical malpractice claims, inquests and fitness to practice inquiries, it is there to assist you with patient complaints, complaints to the Medical Council, the management of adverse clinical outcomes, risk management and governance issues and any matters which impact on your day to day practice. It is a 24 hour helpline which is manned by people who are there to guide, assist and support you through the ever increasing medico-legal and organisational governance complexities of every day practice.

Our team offer advice on a wide range of service areas such as:
  • Medical Ethics – including end of life scenarios;
  • Confidentiality / Freedom of Information;
  • Treatment of children/ vulnerable adults / religious groupings;
  • Emergency treatment orders/ injunctions / withholding treatment;
  • Mental health and Mental Capacity treatment issues;
  • Managing a complaint or adverse incident;
  • Consent / Treatment Risk evaluation.

This service covers situations arising in your practice or business for which Insurers may cover under your indemnity policy. The Challenge Helpline is not a claims or complaints notification line, for which you should follow the usual notification process. The provision of advice does not automatically mean that cover is given under your policy of insurance and you may need to speak with a Challenge Medical Indemnity team member after you have received initial advice.

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